RumRill Pottery
and it's Arkansas Heritage

George Rumrill, a Little Rock, Arkansas native, was a founder of the Arkansas Products Company. The Arkansas Products Company was formed to promote Arkansas made products. Two of the products that were promoted were Niloak Pottery from Benton and Camark Pottery from Camden. George Rumrill's position as a founder and promoter of the Arkansas Products Company gave him access to many of the two pottery's catalogs and products.

At some point in time, the Arkansas Products Company came to pass and George Rumrill decided to create his own pottery company. Since he had no facilities in which to make pottery, he contacted existing pottery companies to create his line of pottery. RumRill's most popular designs were made by Red Wing Stoneware Company from 1933-1936 and Red Wing Potteries from 1936-1938. Shawnee produced RumRill Pottery in 1938 for a short time. Then Florence and Gonder potteries produced RumRill until his death in 1942.

George Rumrill created many of his own designs. It is interesting to note, however, that there are a number of RumRill pieces that are known Camark shapes. With George Rumrill's access to the Camark catalogs and products, this should be no surprise. There are also RumRill pieces that were made from Red Wing molds. Some of RumRill's designs were produced throughout RumRill's existence by all of the contracting pottery companies.

I just purchased Red Wing Art Pottery including pottery made for RumRill by Ray Reiss. It has a section on RumRill that is much better than mine above. Going through the book, I was amazed at how many of the Camark shapes were produced by Red Wing for RumRill. I have decided to compile a list of the shapes for reference. These shapes should be of interest to both RumRill and Camark collectors alike.

RumRill - Shapes & Sizes from the 1938 catalogCamark - Shapes & Sizes from 1927 to 1933 catalogs

267 or 935, 7.5" or 9"428, 7.5"
301, 11"550, 11"
261, 7.5"436, 8"
307, 10"324, 10.5"
303, 11.5"612, 11.25"
259, 6"569, 5" or 886, 6.5"
260, 9"615, 10.5"
308, 10"525, 10"
50, 8"438, 8"
219, 10"153, 10.5"
262, 7.5"204, 8" w/ applied handles
RumRill - Shapes & Sizes from the 1938 catalogCamark - Shapes & Sizes from 1927 to 1933 catalogs

268, 9"408, 9"
309, 5.5"626, 5.5"
278, 9"624, 9"
54, 4"400, 4"
323, 4"not found, yet
324, 4"115, 4"
325, 4"not found, yet
326, 4"116, 3.5"-4"
327, 3"112, 3"
329, 6.5"Niloak shape
557, 3"Niloak shape
558, 3"Niloak shape